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Explore the beauty of Colombia while achieving the hair you’ve always dreamed of. Your journey to hair restoration begins here.

Why choose Colombia Care for your hair?

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Dedicated Expert Team

Our expert team in Colombia is a cohesive unit of experienced specialists focused on hair transplant excellence. From skilled doctors to caring coordinators, we're dedicated to delivering exceptional results and a seamless experience for our patients.

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Guaranteed Results

Experience the confidence of guaranteed results through our FUE procedure. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you'll achieve the natural-looking, long-lasting outcome you desire, so contact us today to get a personalized treatment plan.

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State of the Art Installations

Our luxurious offices are designed to provide you with the utmost comfort for a world-class experience. Utilizing the latest equipment ensures our hair transplant patients receive the most advanced and precise treatment, reaffirming our clinic's commitment to excellence and optimal results.

The place for your Hair Journey

Experience unparalleled expertise in hair restoration right here in Colombia. Trust in our dedicated team, state-of-the-art technology, and our unwavering commitment to your transformation. Begin your journey to renewed confidence with us. Schedule your consultation today and embrace the new you.

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Troy LindquistTroy Lindquist
22:22 21 Apr 23
From the very beginning consultations with Colombia Care to the very end of the Post hair transplant office visits the team was absolutely and completely fantastic. I enjoyed the experience, all of the doctors and staff and especially how my hair looks now! Fantastic job Colombian Care!
Chinua TroupeChinua Troupe
22:35 12 Apr 23
I was picked up by a polite driver with great personality from the airport and taken to smoothly to the hotel which was comfortable and close to the clinic. The next day I had my consultation with the doctor and performed a fox test. All staff were polite friendly and welcoming the doctor explained the medication process, before and aftercare and also what will happen on the day of procedure. The next day I went in for the surgery informed, prepared and at ease. After the morning session they ordered lunch for me and we had a break before the afternoon session. I was fully satisfied with the drivers and the staff at the clinic and my experience here was positive and look forward to the results. Thanks
Michael SykesMichael Sykes
17:01 03 Mar 23
Columbia care reviewSo where do I start. I want to make this review sound real, so the reader that’s interested in doing this procedure really feels comfortable and leaves with insight.Firstly I thought it was a scam all because as soon as I reached out, I got a response from Dr. Natalia herself. From the minute we started texting on the whats app, which was another questionable form of communication for me at the time. Dr. Natalia put my mind at ease, she explained the process from start to finish. Pricing, accommodations, the whole to do list was made out. The day of arrival my driver picked me up and took me to the hotel which is included in pricing so it made travel plans easier because everything was booked together.I was completely nervous My first visit to the doctors office but within minutes my spirit felt at ease. Even though I’m not completely fluent in Spanish every one there made me feel comfy.I had a great team all around. The fox test was smooth. The actual day of procedure was even cooler. Now what i didn’t like was the Anesthesia process OMG it felt like they were clawing my eyes out, very painful but necessary and honestly the worst part of it all. Every phase I went through was exactly how she explained it. There were no surprises. Well they did give me the worst haircut I’ve ever had in my whole life😁. It’s been two weeks since and now the itching is at full force I know wanna claw my own eyes out to satisfy an itch that I cant scratch lol. I can’t wait to come back for my check up, they became like family that week I was there. Still going through the rough process but I can honestly was life changing in the best ways already. I see what my hair line will be in the months to come. Thank you Columbia Care however when i do come back it’s one nurse that’s not allowed near me lol she likes to laugh at my pain🤣🤣🤣
Jesse MartinezJesse Martinez
22:26 21 Feb 23
I'm from Los Angeles Ca. and Bosley Quote me a small fortune to fix my hair. I've been shaving it all off for years as It just looks terrible when I grow it out. I found this clinic, they're super friendly and easy to communicate with. They have talented doctors and state of the art equipment. After my procedure, they stayed in touch with follow up care even months after the procedure. Now, no one can tell I ever had a hair problem at all, not even the barbers! I instantly look 10 years younger and I love the confidence it's given me. Thank you guys for all your help.I recommend all men take the opportunity to visit you.Did I mention, even with the flight and hotel costs, the whole things was 1/3 the cost? Thank you for helping us hard working men, not everyone is a millionaire.
Wesley DonahoeWesley Donahoe
21:39 07 Feb 23
I had such a great experience with Colombia Care! I flew in from the US and as soon as I landed in Medellin, everything was taken care of. The facility was top notch and the staff was extremely friendly and knowledgable. Plus they all speak English which made everything a breeze.
Jorge CubillosJorge Cubillos
18:57 14 Jun 22
Amazing experience with these guys. Cant wait to see the results in a year's time. Operation went smoothly and on time. I highly recommend them to get your hair done, or any of their services. They made me feel very comfortable on and post surgery. Their team is very professional and they actually care about your results with daily check ups on the 1st week while you heal. 10/10

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