Crown Hair Transplant in Medellin, Colombia

Male and female baldness are linked to genetic traits but can also be the result of poor nutrition, hormones, and certain medical treatments. The crown, or the very top of your head, is where most people experience thinning hair. We welcome you to come in for a free consultation and kickstart your hair restoration journey today.

Our team of skilled professionals uses the latest in-house medical technology for treatments that help hair restorations of the crown in men and women through surgical intervention. Our treatment plans are what set us apart, as they are fully personalized to meet our clients’ unique needs. Compassionate care, professional treatment plans, and a dedication to excellence are all hallmarks of our services. Join us for your consultation today!

Leave The Transport to Us!

Are you worried about traveling to a foreign city and navigating the streets alone? Leave it to us! If you are flying to Medellin for your procedure, we will arrange a private driver to not only pick you up from the airport but also drive you to and from our facility.

What is the best age for a crown hair transplant?

FUE Crown Hair Transplant is one of the most popular treatments for men or women facing hair loss of the crown area. You are a suitable candidate for our crown hair transplant procedure if you are aged above 30 years and are experiencing hair loss progression. Getting your hair transplant before the age of 30 is not recommended, as there is a risk you may continue to lose hair. Earlier intervention does yield better results, but you should consult a professional before proceeding. Hair loss prevention is also a route you can explore with us before a hair transplant.

If you wish to know whether a crown hair transplant Medellin Colombia is the right procedure for you, come in for a consultation. We take the time to study the genetic, hormonal, or environmental factors that contribute to your crown balding and then recommend the right treatment for you.

What is A FUE Crown Hair Transplant?

The crown is the topmost area of the head and is one of the most common areas to experience hair loss. A crown hair transplant, also known as an FUE crown hair transplant, is one of the most optimal treatments prescribed to individuals wishing to restore thinning hair around the crown area.

The FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, procedure involves harvesting individual follicular units of hair from donor areas of the head, typically the back and sides. These follicles are then implanted into the target crown area. The severity of hair thinning will determine the volume of hair follicles required for the procedure. Over time, these follicles thicken and develop to provide coverage over the balding area.

When you come in for a consultation at Colombia Care Hair, we outline the complete process of crown hair transplantation for your satisfaction. For further queries, reach out to our specialists.

Benefits of Choosing Crown Hair Transplant in Colombia






Our FUE crown hair transplant procedure can be completed in under one day, depending on the amount of hair follicles needed for transplantation. This procedure is 100% painless; we apply anesthesia over the scalp to mask any discomfort.

We employ the latest FUE technology in-house at our clinic, which removes follicles using precise laser scalpels that do not leave any visible scarring. The small scars that might occur are less than a millimeter in diameter, are invisible to the naked eye, and are concealed with hair growth over time.

Our crown hair transplant Medellin Colombia procedure delivers natural-looking results by leveraging advanced FUE technologies. Unlike wigs or extensions that may contradict your hair’s natural texture and color, our hair transplant procedures deliver natural-looking results since the hair is your own!

Our hair restoration clinic is equipped with the latest medical technology and infrastructure needed for a safe and error-free procedure. Regain the appearance of youthful hair with our precise crown hair transplant Medellin treatment.

Our team comprises the leading experienced professionals in the field who are well-versed in hair transplant procedures and technologies, delivering the results you have envisioned. Expect the most compassionate care not only before your treatment but also following your recovery period.

Ready For Your Hair Transformation Journey?

4-Star Hotel Accommodation in Colombia

Coming to a foreign country for your treatment doesn't have to be a hassle. We take care of your hotel accommodations so you have a comforting place to rest during your visit. Our hairline transplant Medellin services deliver a truly rejuvenating experience that not only introduces you to the lovely city of Medellin but also improves the success of your treatment!

Crown Hair Transplant Recovery

Crown hair transplant Medellin Colombia is a minimally invasive treatment plan for hair restoration, demanding minimal downtime. However, you should ensure that you follow our recovery guidelines for best results following your procedure:

  • The initial recovery period can span anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Stay well hydrated during this period and avoid consuming alcohol.
  • Avoid touching the affected area, manipulating the hair, styling, or using hair dryers, as these activities may damage the delicate hair follicles.
  • Sleep on the back with your heat placed in an elevated position.
  • Avoid wearing tight caps or head coverings during your recovery
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or exposure to heat
  • Avoid stepping out into direct sunlight to protect the scalp
  • Avoid pools or saunas for at least 2-4 weeks post-surgery.
  • Maintain the use of our prescribed medications (if any) to alleviate discomfort and promote healing after your treatment.

To learn more about the recovery period for those undergoing crown hair transplant, click on the following button:

Crown Hair Transplant FAQ

Check out the frequently asked questions for crown hair restoration in Medellin, Colombia. If you have any further questions, reach out to our team!

1. Who Can Benefit from Crown Hair Restoration?

The crown of the head is one of the most impacted areas by hair loss. Hair transplant on crown at our clinic employs advanced FUE technology to transplant hair follicles into the crown area to treat male or female baldness. Crown hair thinning may be a result of genetic factors or may be due to certain medical treatments and hormonal imbalances. Our treatment plans are designed around your case, studying what causes hair loss for your crown and providing treatment plans accordingly. FUE is one of the most effective procedures used today to restore a full head of hair, boosting your confidence and self-esteem!

The crown area hair treatment can benefit anyone experiencing hair loss or hair thinning around the crown region. To better understand if you are a fitting candidate for our procedure, you should consult with our qualified hair transplant surgeons. Schedule your consultation today to get started.

2. What is the Cost of a Crown Hair Transplant in Colombia?

The crown hair transplant cost can vary depending on the practitioner you work with. It further depends on the amount of hair loss in the crown area that needs restoration. Our hair transplant cost ranges from $1450 for smaller retouches to $4,200 for larger procedures using our FUE technology. For a more accurate assessment, we recommend coming in for a consultation, or you may choose to share pictures of the target area with us. We will provide you a quote accordingly.

3. Why Choose Colombia Care Hair?

We house a team of experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeons at our hair transplant clinic in Medellin, Colombia. Our team is qualified and experienced in using the latest technology and treatment plans, ensuring our patients receive the best medical care. Our state-of-the-art technology compliments our experienced team to ensure the final results match our patients’ expectations.

4. I’m Not a Resident of Medellin; How Can I Plan My Surgery?

You shouldn’t have to worry about not being a resident of our city; you can still benefit from a crown hair transplant in Medellin. Colombia Care Hair will provide complete assistance during your treatment to ensure a smooth surgery and a comfortable stay in Colombia. We handle it all: your transportation to and from our clinic, accommodations for the period of your treatment, clinical laboratory contacts, or any traveling requests you might have. Our services are designed to deliver complete peace of mind for a quicker recovery!

5. When Will the Final Result of Crown Hair Transplant Surgery Appear?

Following hair transplant treatments, the recovery period can range from 2-4 weeks. However, the final results of your hair transplant on crown can be viewed in around 9 to 12 months after surgery once the hair follicles fully mature.

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