Hairline Transplant in Medellin, Colombia

Receding hairline is the most common form of hair loss seen in men and women, although it is more common in males with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness). The frontal hairline is arguably the most notable feature of the head, serving as a frame for the face. Our hair line hair transplant Medellin Colombia services help counter the effects of balding around the hairline, offering a safe and permanent solution towards a healthier, fuller hairline.

At Colombia Care, one of the leading hairline clinics in Medellin, we offer FUE hairline transplant services, the solution you seek for restoring your hair and helping you regain your confidence. This minimally invasive cosmetic surgery is the most trusted procedure for restoring hair on the hairline. Click here to Book your one-on-one consultation with us to learn more about this procedure.

Leave The Transport to Us!

Are you worried about traveling to a foreign city and navigating the streets alone? Leave it to us! If you are flying to Medellin for your procedure, we will arrange a private driver to not only pick you up from the airport but also drive you to and from our facility.

Who Is The Ideal Patient For The Hairline Transplant?

Age or gender is typically not a limiting factor for our services. We have had patients past their prime come in and have successful procedures! Younger individuals, typically in their 30s, can also benefit from this treatment plan. Individuals under 30 can be candidates depending on how stable their balding patterns are.

The ideal candidate for our hairline transplant Colombia services includes:

    • Individuals suffering from male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) or female pattern baldness.
    • Individuals who have experienced hair loss due to surgery or injuries over the scalp.
    • Individuals with prior hair restoration procedures.
    • Individuals who have sufficient donor hair are typically taken from the sides or back of the scalp.
    • Those who do not suffer from skin conditions or scalp infections

During our consultation, we take the time to study your case and first isolate the root cause behind your balding patterns. Balding could be due to genetic, environmental, or hormonal effects. We then advise you if a hair line hair transplant Medellin Colombia is the right procedure for you.

What Is A FUE Hairline Transplant in Colombia?

Surgical hair restoration through Follicular Hair Extraction (FUE) is one of the most effective procedures to restore natural hair following hair loss in the hairline. FUE involves the precise removal of follicular hair units one by one through a tiny motorized punch. The sensitive follicles are extracted with great precision and are used for the transplant into the hairline. Minor incisions at a fraction of a millimeter are made into target areas of the hairline where these follicular hair units are placed. Our experts will follow your existing hair’s natural growth patterns and angles to create a seamless blend.

A hairline transplant performed this way offers completely natural-looking results, as you are essentially using your own hair! The resulting hairline will appear in 9 to 12 months once the hair follicles have matured and will naturally blend in with your existing hair texture and color.

Our trained professionals use the latest medical technology with their experienced hands to deliver highly satisfactory results with our hairline transplant Colombia procedure. For more information on the FUE procedure, reach out to us.

Benefits of Choosing Our Hairline Transplant in Colombia





Our hairline transplant procedure is quick and typically completed in under 24 hours; some may take anywhere from 2 to 12 hours, depending on the area that needs to be covered.

Instead of removing large strips of hair, our hair restoration systems use advanced FUE technology, which makes precise cuts, leaving minimal scars (<1mm) that are imperceptible to the naked eye.

With FUE hairline transplant, you will get a fuller, natural-looking restored hairline. Since the hair follicular units extracted are your own, they blend in naturally with your hair color and texture.

Our team comprises the leading experienced professional surgeons who have not only studied the practice of hair transplant but have spent years in its application. For the best hairline transplant in Colombia, leave your case to the professionals!

4-Star Hotel Accommodation in Colombia

Coming to a foreign country for your treatment doesn't have to be a hassle. We take care of your hotel accommodations so you have a comforting place to rest during your visit. Our hairline transplant Medellin services deliver a truly rejuvenating experience that not only introduces you to the lovely city of Medellin but also improves the success of your treatment!

Recovery After Your Hairline Transplant in Colombia

It takes approximately 2-4 weeks for a complete recovery following a hairline transplant. During this recovery period, your recipient area (the hairline) will sometimes become red and swollen. Here are the guidelines you must follow to reduce these effects and boost the success factor of your hairline transplant in Colombia:

  • Avoid swimming or saunas where you might expose the weak hair follicles to water and steam
  • Avoid stepping out directly into sunlight
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol or smoking to promote quicker recovery
  • Avoid high-impact strenuous activities or exercise
  • Keep yourself well-hydrated and maintain a balanced diet to promote growth and recovery
  • Be careful in combing so you do not damage the hair follicles
  • Maintain use of our prescribed medications to reduce swelling and redness
  • Avoid washing your hair for at least 5 days after your procedure
  • Consult our professionals for the right nonabrasive shampoo to use during your recovery period.

The final results of your procedure can take anywhere from 9 months up to a year to appear. During this period, care of your hairline will deliver more promising results. To learn more about what your recovery period may look like with our hair line transplant in Medellin Colombia, click on the following button:

Hairline Transplant FAQ

Explore the frequently asked questions from patients looking for hairline transplantation services in Colombia. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

1. Who Can Benefit from A Hairline Transplant?

The FUE hair treatment plan is one of the most rewarding procedures used to tackle receding hairlines among men and women. Hair loss around the hairline is more common among men, with most men at 50 having some degree of hair loss. Those dealing with hair loss due to genetics, scarring after surgery, or injury are good candidates for our hairline transplant services. There are certain cases in which we may not recommend a hairline transplant; these include:

  • Those who do not have enough hair follicles on the donor sites
  • Those suffering from chronic telogen effluvium or alopecia areata
  • Those who have active skin/scalp infections.
  • Those experiencing an active autoimmune disease

2. How Much Does Hairline Transplant Cost in Colombia?

The hairline transplant surgery cost will depend on several factors, the primary one being the volume of hair that needs restoration. This, in turn, impacts the length of your procedure and the number of hair follicles that need extraction. Our typical hairline transplant cost can range from $1,450 to $4,200 depending on the extent of hair transplant needed.

3. Is Hairline Transplant A Painful Procedure?

The hairline transplant is typically performed after the scalp has been numbed through anesthesia. As such, the patient will not experience any discomfort or pain during the procedure.

4. Why Should I Choose Colombia Care Hair Restoration for My Procedure?

Colombia Care Hair is one of Medellin’s leading clinics for hair transplants. With extensive experience in the field, we have helped local and international clients alike restore their hairlines, boosting their confidence and improving their self-esteem. Our FUE experienced hair transplant surgeons and attention to detail are what make our cases so successful. We take care of not only your treatment plan but also ensure your stay at Medellin is as comforting as can be.

5. When Will The Transplanted Hair Grow and Give The Final Results?

Post-surgery, you will need at least 2 to 4 weeks of recovery for the hair follicles to be acclimated into the hairline. Following this, the hair follicles will continue to grow and mature. The final results of your hairline transplant Colombia treatment will appear in around 9 to 12 months following your surgery. For best results, you should adhere to our prescribed recovery guidelines.

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