Traveling to Colombia for Hair Transplant GUIDE

We can determine the grafts if you send us pictures of your head from the front, back, top and sides. Let us know if you had previous hair transplant surgery or any other medical conditions. When you are ready to make the big step with us, let us know the dates that works best for you. We check for availabilities and then give you green light to book your plane trip.

Once we received the  20% deposit and your flight number, we will book your surgery and give you a choice between two accommodations for your stay. At your arrival, one of our surgery coordinators will be waiting for you at the airport arrival door and drive you directly to your apartment.




We aim to provide you with comfortable, modern accommodation, within easy reach of our facilities

You will stay in an independent studio in a secured building located in the best neighborhood of Medellin. We can guarantee that you will be provided with a studio-type room with bedding, a desk, and a quiet place to work with WiFi connection. You will have access to the kitchen and cooking facilities.

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