How do I wash my hair for the first time after the hair transplant?

First wash after hair transplant


1.    To wash your hair for the first time after your hair transplant, you will first have to add plenty of water to the area where the hair transplant was performed. It’s important that the water that you use is either cold or warm. This is because the local anesthesia that was used to implant the hair, will prevent you from feeling the heat of the water, making you burn yourself.

  1. After this you can continue to add water to the rest of your head, including the area with the bandage. The idea is for you to soak this bandage long enough for it to peel off on its own without having to apply any force to it.
  2. Once you have managed to remove the bandage, you can now continue with the application of the shampoo. We recommend the use of the brand DOVE. Start off by applying the shampoo with very small taps to the transplanted area. Make sure not to rub or scrub the shampoo into this area, because if you do you could detach or take off some of the hair that was implanted.
  3.   You can now finish applying the shampoo to the rest of your head, including the area of the bandage
  4. Rinse off the shampoo with plenty of water. Be sure to remove all the shampoo, as this can cause irritation of the scalp.
  5. You will finish off this process with drying. For this you must use a clean towel or even a disposable paper towel. You are going to make small taps in the transplant area to remove all the extra moisture. Make sure not to massage the area. You can even let it air dry.
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